Third Party Event Guidelines

Fundraising for Komen

General Information

Thank you for your interest in supporting Susan G. Komen San Antonio.  Our vision is a world without breast cancer!

Contributions are important to our organization as we continue the fight to end this indiscriminate disease.  Please read through the following guidelines to determine if your project is a match with Komen San Antonio Affiliate.  If so, please complete the third party event request form and visit the Third Party FAQs for answers about our partnerships.

Once the application is received, the project will be submitted for consideration and approval. Please allow 5-10 working days for review of the application.


Susan G. Komen San Antonio is not able to handle any administrative aspects of Third Party Events.  While we are able to give you guidance about your event, we do not have the staff to handle administrative tasks such as invitation distribution, compiling RSVPs or selling tickets, etc.

For all events or sales that anticipate net income less than $2,500, the Affiliate encourages the organization, individual or entity to consider holding a Rally for the Cure event.  For events or sales with a net income anticipated of $2,500 or more, the Affiliate will grant the use of our name and logo for promotional purposes. (Exceptions on case-by-case basis at the Affiliate’s discretion).

The Affiliate Requires All Third Party Fundraisers to:

1.    Complete the third party event request form.
2.    Event must be family-friendly in nature. An Affiliate shall not enter into fund-raising or sponsorship agreements with companies that are reasonably likely to bring disrepute to the Komen Organization or brand.
4.    Once the event or sale is approved, a Third Party Agreement Contract must be signed immediately.
5.    Ensure sponsors, attendees and participants make their payments to you as the entity conducting the event or sale.  You cannot offer participants the option of direct payment to the Affiliate for tax purposes; we are not able to issue tax receipts for third party events.
6.    Inform us of any potential event sponsors or underwriters for your event or sale before you secure them to avoid conflict with established connections the Affiliate may have.
7.    If the event consists of a sporting component, ALL participants must sign a waiver form (sample form can be provided).
8.    Submit payment by check within 60 days following the conclusion of the event or sale.

Insurance is required for your event or sale, and at the minimum, the Third Party Fundraiser must present proof of comprehensive general liability insurance in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000) which covers liability for bodily injury, property damage or death arising out of the third party event or sale.  You will be required to name the following as Additional Insured on your policy solely with respect to the sale or event:

1.      Susan G. Komen, 5005 LBJ Freeway, Suite 250, Dallas, Texas 75244    AND
2.      Susan G. Komen San Antonio, P.O. Box 6678, San Antonio, Texas 78209

All Third Party Agreement applications must clearly state a specific percentage of net revenue or a specific dollar amount that they will contribute to Komen San Antonio.  For example, $10 of each ticket sold or 10 percent of the sales price of this product, etc.

Third Party Events / Initiatives

Special and sporting events, benefits, promotions, franchise promotions, civic organizations, local businesses:

•    Proceeds benefit Komen San Antonio with a minimum anticipated donation of equal to or more than $2,500.
•    Proof of insurance for the event WILL BE REQUIRED, NO EXCEPTIONS.
•    If a sporting event, waiver forms must be signed by ALL event participants and kept on file by the Third Party Fundraiser.
•    Benefits from the Affiliate include:
•    Permission to use the Affiliate name and/or logo.  Please remember that all marketing materials have to be approved by the Affiliate BEFORE printing.
•    References to Affiliate in publicity or promotional materials (e.g., fliers, tickets, invitations, etc.) should say:
1    First reference: Susan G. Komen San Antonio
2    Subsequent reference: Komen San Antonio
•    Komen San Antonio cannot share our mailing list. However, Affiliate will post information on our official website through our calendar of events.
•    Affiliate will promote via social media outlet(s).
•    Inclusion in Affiliate email blast if timeframe is compatible with established email blast schedule (with $2,500 minimum donation).
•    Affiliate representative at event if requested (Third party will provide two complimentary event entries for Affiliate representative[s]). Affiliate must receive application 4-6 weeks prior to event date to ensure a representative(s) is available.
•    Free Affiliate materials provided, if requested, for event (breast health shower cards:
100 maximum per event, with the option to purchase additional materials, if needed).

Support of Komen is valuable to our organization as we continue our mission of ending breast cancer forever! Thank you for your interest in partnering with us in the fight.  We work hard to create corporate and third party relationships that are mutually beneficial. The more we know about your plans, the more thorough the consideration by the Affiliate. Questions we can help with? Visit the FAQ page or email

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